The Anak TV Board of Directors in its February Board meeting approved the launching of its new project, the Anak Media Awards. Ms. Elvira Go and the Anak TV will start championing child-sensitive postings on the digital media, specifically, the social media. Ms Elvira Go, President of Anak TV acknowledges that the Philippines is now called the Social Media capital of the world . She said that “Statistics say that millions of Filipinos spend an average of almost four hours a day on social media, particularly Facebook. It is therefore important that content on the different platforms of the social media are child-friendly.” Anak TV, the advocacy league that that pushes for child-sensitive, family-friendly television in the Philippines, is the same group that is launching the Anak Media Awards. Ms Elvira Go will seek to implore the netizens, especially those who have gained the recognition as influencers to be good gatekeepers of information, messages or posts to ensure that every message passed on thru Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are child-friendly and can bring positivity to the old and young, alike. The big announcement on print, television and the social media will be out soon.