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Two Sinebata winners, “Kid Kwento: Everyone can be a Hero“ and “Kapteyn” won  awards for their outstanding videos, at the 2 nd  Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children  The video entitled “Kid Kwento: Everyone can be a Hero “ produced by Net 25 won the best video for the Professional Non-Fiction Under 7 Years Old category at the 2 nd  Southeast Asia Video festival for Children at the Manila Prince Hotel on November 25-27, 2018. “Kapteyn”  Directed by Alwin S. Malonzo and written by Nicole Mikhael Garcia won the award for Best Video in the Amateur category.  Kid Kwento is a show that focuses on teaching literacy and good values to children. In the  episode, Teacher Sally talks about how everyone can be a hero by doing good, being kind and helping others. It features interviews from children around the world regarding what a hero means to them, who they consider a hero and how they can be a hero to others. It also features a special video entitled “Elena” that talks about a woman who is considered a hero by her family as she sacrifices so much for them as an Overseas Filipino Worker Kapteyn is a short video inspired by a true story from San Simon, Pampanga, Philippines. The story is about the life of a young boy named Tonyo who works as a sailor in their community. His means of transportation is called the “dalakit”, which is a small boat. Although young,  Tonyo is strong despite of life struggles. It revolves around the life of an inspiring young hero and reveals that everyone can be a hero in their own little way.

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Encouraged by the positive results of past video workshops  for kids, which produced winners, and enthusiastic  participation in international video festivals,  Anak TV continues to conduct video training for children.  Video training for children remains a priority project of Anak TV. Anak TV believes that the creative talents of children must be discovered and developed at an early age while their minds are pliable. In the Philippines,  an Anak TV video  workshop participant,  Neil Cancan  got the highest prize in the "Pride in Tradition" category of the First Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse.  You may want to watch his story below. The Lakbay of Neil Cancan Video workshops, conducted by Anak TV's creative team,  were participated in by children from the marginalized communities,  the indigenous peoples,  and the children taken care of by various child-focused groups. Anak TV Video Workshop April 28 - 30, 2017 Anak TV - CWC Visual Storytelling Video Workshop - September 15 - 17, 2017 Anak TV Video Workshop August 17 – 19, 2018 In Viet Nam and Cambodia where Anak TV collaborated with VTV and PNN,  children were inspired to bring their entries to the regional video competition at the Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children. Anak TV - PNN Cambodia Video Workshop October 6 - 8, 2017 Anak TV - Viet Nam Television Visual Storytelling Video Workshop - August 25 -27, 2017

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LAROLYMPICS was started by Anak TV in some of the country’s most child friendly towns and cities in 2009. Children nowadays play games with their virtual playmates in internet and their gadgets. The children’s fingers are literally the only ones moving to participate in the online games, depriving them of the benefit of physical exercise and the beauty of social interaction. They play with virtual friends. They do not meet them personally. To address this, Anak TV has been staging LAROLYMPICS in various parts of the country to bring back the traditional games - tumbang preso, patintero and Piko, to schools, barangays and plazas for a healthy interaction among the children. Their parents would sometimes join in the fun and friendly competition, bringing peace and harmony among neighbors. Watch the activities below: Anak TV Media Literacy, Screening and Larolympics Antipolo - September 1, 2018 Anak TV Media Literacy, Screening and Larolympics Lucena City Anak TV Symposium Bantay, Ilocos Sur - August 4, 2018

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Four SINEBATA winners were honored at the 1st SEAPJ!

Four SINEBATA winners were honored at the 2017 1st Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse.

Professional Category Non-Fiction for Age Group Under 7 Years Old
"Team Yey: SFX"

Imagine watching a movie or listening to a radio drama without a sound… Strange, right? Team Yey kids meet Uncle Bernard Canaberal, a radio and film sound effects expert, who teachers them the importance of sound effects and foley. The sound of footsteps, banging the door, rainfall, and other sounds make the listeners imagine and feel the characters’ emotions in the story.

Professional Category Non-Fiction for Age Group 13 to 17 Years Old
"Reel Time: Isinulat sa Tubig (Forgotten Children of the Waves)"

This is the story of 10-year-old Jer John and his classmates and their fierce determination to finish high school. Living in a remote village in Sorsogon, Jer John and his classmates wade across the sea and take a two-hour trek up the mountain (with their clothes dripping wet, having just emerged from their hike across the sea) to get to their high school – every single school day.

Amateur Category

This is the story of the lives of the marginalized in the Philippines told amidst a background of spoken poetry. A young beggar selflessly gives the alms he has gathered for the day to an elderly beggar who is unable to stand, much less walk. It is a touching 2-minute silent film.

Children Category: Pride in Tradition

Teener Racquel Laxamana comes from the indigenous group of Aeta in the Philippines. Guided by her cultural heritage, she pursues her dreams in a journey directed by family values and love for the community. The route is tough but her spirit is indomitable.

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Sinebata winner "Lakbay" by Neil Cancan wins at the 2017 1st SEAPJ!

Watch Video: "Lakbay" by Neil Cancan
Sinebata winner "Lakbay" by Neil Cancan, wins top prize in Pride in Traditions and the Heart Award in the 2017 1st Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse!

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Watch the Video: Sinebata Press Conference Video

AnakTV and the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) formalized their collaboration to bring the Philippines closer to our Southeast Asian neighbors and the world through film festival and competition, Sinebata 2017. The winners of Sinebata will represent the country in the first Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse, a film festival conceived to give a platform to Southeast Asian stories told by the people of Southeast Asia.

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Watch the Video: Larolympics Video

LAROLYMPICS was started by Anak TV in some of the country’s most child friendly towns and cities in 2009.

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