Two Sinebata winners, “Kid Kwento: Everyone can be a Hero“ and “Kapteyn” won  awards for their outstanding videos, at the 2 nd  Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children  The video entitled “Kid Kwento: Everyone can be a Hero “ produced by Net 25 won the best video for the Professional Non-Fiction Under 7 Years Old category at the 2 nd  Southeast Asia Video festival for Children at the Manila Prince Hotel on November 25-27, 2018. “Kapteyn”  Directed by Alwin S. Malonzo and written by Nicole Mikhael Garcia won the award for Best Video in the Amateur category.  Kid Kwento is a show that focuses on teaching literacy and good values to children. In the  episode, Teacher Sally talks about how everyone can be a hero by doing good, being kind and helping others. It features interviews from children around the world regarding what a hero means to them, who they consider a hero and how they can be a hero to others. It also features a special video entitled “Elena” that talks about a woman who is considered a hero by her family as she sacrifices so much for them as an Overseas Filipino Worker Kapteyn is a short video inspired by a true story from San Simon, Pampanga, Philippines. The story is about the life of a young boy named Tonyo who works as a sailor in their community. His means of transportation is called the “dalakit”, which is a small boat. Although young,  Tonyo is strong despite of life struggles. It revolves around the life of an inspiring young hero and reveals that everyone can be a hero in their own little way.